Thank you for visiting my portfolio.

Audio, Video, & Graphic Design

First and foremost, I am an Audio Engineer. Graduating from Valencia College, I'm obtaining an A.S. Degree in Sound & Music Technology with a specialization in Sound Production. Though most of my experience has come through music production on Pro Tools, I have a clear understanding of the post-production process involved in film and TV. This includes; foley, ADR, editing, timecode, and recording sound on location. I also compose my own music using MIDI through Logic Pro X. I'm fluid in a wide range of Digital Audio Workstations and pride myself on obtaining very clear and high quality recordings through micing techniques I've developed over educational and personal projects.

I've always been involved in video production since I could operate cameras and computers. By filming and editing videos for friends and myself for years, I am advanced in Video Production and I'm very familiar with the neccessary requirements in obtaining high quality footage. Recently, I've taken up Legal Videography for local court reporting firms in the Central Florida area. I own all my videography equipment, including a Panasonic AG-AC30, 4-channel mixer, and Lavalier microphones. I'm advanced in Adobe's creative suite and I use Premiere Pro when editing my footage, although I am also familiar with Final Cut Pro.

Finally, I have been involved in the entertainment industry my entire life. One thing I learned early on is - sometimes, you've got to do things yourself. I've used YouTube and taken several classes on Graphic and Web Design, and applied them to my personal career. I have designed YouTube intros for content creators, logos for businesses, and websites for artists and family. I speak fluent in HTML/CSS, and - again - I use Adobe's creative suite to make these projects possible. I am Adobe Certified in Dreamweaver, and I've been using Photoshop and After Effects since the age of 12. If there's anything I know how to do, you can count on my graphic design. (This page is proof in it of itself.)